I just said Welcoming Christmas.
On November 14.
When I was a kid we celebrated both Canadian and US Thanksgiving, I’m a dual citizen and my dad grew up in the US so we just always did both. And traditionally, US Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season – so we followed that and put up our decorations and fake tree the last weekend in November. And everyone in Canada said WE WERE SO EARLY. “Not until December 1st!!” people would say.
The clock strikes midnight on Halloween, and the page turns over into November and suddenly we’re all “GIMME MY EGGNOG LATTES!” and out comes the decor.
I mean, I’m not complaining. It’s my favourite time of year! I will definitely get my Christmas beverage from Starbucks when they are available, and bust out the Christmas playlist but in our family we usually wait until after Remembrance Day. And this year, our first Christmas event was literally the day after! I took my daughter to the Moscow Ballet’s Nutcracker performance at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver.
This was a bucket list thing for me. Not only to see such an impressive ballet, and one I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see live, but to take my little girl, who is starting to adore dance, and watch it together. We got all “fancy” and dressed up and went with our good friends Jenny and Isla for a girl’s night on the town.
I am sure I’ll sound ridiculously sappy when I say that I was grinning from ear to ear and actually teared up several times during the event just simply because it was happening. I would look over at Livvie, who was perched on the end of her seat, captivated by the dancers. She would look excitedly over at me when she recognized a song that she’d heard before, or to say “the ballerinas are on their TIPPY toes!!”, or just to comment on how beautiful the costumes were. It was magical.
The performers were absolutely incredible and the strength and power they demonstrated was astounding. There were children in the performance – Livvie was quite impressed with that – and when I looked up the company, I read about a program called “Dance With Us” that actually gives local dance students from each city the show is performed in the opportunity to dance alongside the professional ballerinas and danseurs in the ballet company. They go through the auditioning process and rehearsals leading up to the show and then get to perform on stage. WOW! What an amazing experience for those littles!
So, I am not in a position to critique or really “review” this performance as I have nothing to compare it to (yet!) but I will say, I left that theatre on cloud 9, absolutely thrilled to have experienced it and I am positive it won’t be our last time seeing this show!
Now. On to tidying up my house to get ready to pull out those decorations. I’m ready!

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