Ok so our school made the news last week for a decision that sparked a crazy debate within our community. The grade 1 and 2 teachers sent home a notice that said to celebrate diversity and inclusivity, and to nurture those in non-traditional families, they would not be making gifts for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. I spoke with our own teacher and he said he likely wasn’t going to do a gift as well. Honestly, I’m not going to delve too deep into my own personal opinion on this, because I’m not kidding when I say it was heated – but I will say that although I do see both sides of the coin, I was disappointed. Backstory: Jason and I dealt with some infertility issues prior to having our twins. It was just two years, and I know many people who have dealt with it longer, but in the middle of the wait you just don’t know how long it is going to be. The stupidest little things can trigger a bad moment, and for me I remember thinking of this little ceramic gift my sister made for my mom for Mother’s Day one year. It hung on our wall for … basically forever. I remember crying about this silly piece of art, thinking “I’m never going to get something like this made for me.” Silly, right? Anyways… fast forward and my cries were answered, and we were blessed with the twins. It’s bittersweet, when your babies are big enough to go to school for the first time. But the “firsts” of the school year were exciting moments I clung to. I am totally THAT mom who had tears in my eyes when they performed during their first Christmas Concert, I went with them on their first field trip, and I looked forward to that silly little piece of art that represents a little more than just a Mother’s Day gift. But that’s not coming from the school this year.
All that to say, yes, I’m disappointed.
But, I’m not going to sit back and say “oh well.”
No no no.
I’m going to hit up Pinterest and round up some fantastic Mother’s Day craft ideas. Because that’s how I do. And then I’m going to take this blog post and email it to my husband. And if he doesn’t feel like doing any of them, well, I’ll plan it myself. I promise, I’ll put on a SUPER surprised face.

I found some amazing crafts! When I was working in daycare I loved finding crafts for mamas that weren’t your typical macaroni necklaces but rather gifts that moms would want to keep out for a while. These ones that I found are TOTALLY crafts I would love to have around my house, and how sweet if they came from those little hands you hold each day.

Ohhh seriously, how cute are these polaroid coasters?! Being a photographer means I’m a sucker for anything photo-related!

Source: Darkroom and Dearly

These vases from Dream {a Little} Bigger are so sweet! And even little kids could help with this. And of course don’t forget to fill it with some gorgeous blooms!

Source: Dream {a Little} Bigger

I am a HUGE fan of polymer clay, and these clay dishes are so gorgeous. I know my kids would love mixing the colours!

Source: A Beautiful Mess

I’m actually really bad at growing things but I had to pin this one, because my own Mom is the resident gardener around here, and I’d love to actually get better at it! But I am always a fan of nice looking fake plants. LOL!

Source: I Heart Naptime

I fell in LOVE with this one when I saw it, and even the most energetic and spirited children could help with this. What little one wouldn’t want to smash things with a hammer?

Source: Cutesy Crafts

This is gorgeous artwork to put up and enjoy AND is inspired by a fabulous book. Anything that ties reading and art together is fine by me.

Source: Mama. Papa. Bubba. 

I am such a fan of this type of canvas art, I love the idea of having the kids paint this. Picking a favourite song, or verse, or something you say to each other a lot would be such a great sentimental gift.

Source: British Columbia Mom

How fun are these tassel keychains??

Source: Brit+Co

Oh my goodness, do you remember sand art?? In those glass bottles? This one combines fun sand art with totally on-trend terrariums. So pretty!

Source: Design Improvised

Coffee. Sugar. Hand scrub. This is pretty much genius.

Source: Mama. Papa. Bubba. 

These fizzy bath bombs are adorable, and would be a fun science experiment as well!

Source: Savvy Saving Couple

I’m such a fan of hand scrubs I had to include this one too. It’s pretty and uses a certain type of soap I wouldn’t have thought to use – but she swears by it! So I’m going to pick some up I think!

Source: Touch of Tay 

I feel like my kids would absolutely LOVE this one (Jason are you reading this??) They are always making little books and their drawings are becoming so detailed. I would love to see what they come up with for this little book!!

Source: Hello, Wonderful

I feel like I should host a big party with all the sweet coasters I want to have now, but aren’t these just so much fun?!

Source: Paging Fun Moms

These bath bombs are an alternative to the other recipe that calls for citric acid – and aren’t they beautiful using the natural elements?

Source: Jessica Begum at eHow

I’m always receiving little trinkets and drawings, little notes and photos from my littles and this memory box is a fantastic idea for where to keep it all!

Source: Mama. Papa. Bubba

Another way to make a beautiful jewelry dish! Love the gold and white on this!!

Source: Lovely Indeed

I’m a mug-a-holic, I keep acquiring mugs and just purged some but there are some that I just can’t let go of, and if I had one like this I would never let it go. I love when my littles draw their family through their eyes!

Source: Mama. Papa. Bubba at CBC.ca

So there you have it, some amazing ideas that are easy enough for littles to make but also leave Mama smiling all year long. Which one would you pick if you could only pick one??

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