We’re pretty big nerds over here. We love things like Sci-Fi movies, Lord of the Rings, and of course Star Wars. I don’t know how my littles discovered it but somehow a couple years ago or so Eli learned about “Dark Vader” as he called him and “Storm Trooper” – which, in his mind, was one guy and that was his name. First name: Storm, last name: Trooper. Ah-mazing. I didn’t even correct him, it was far too cute. We didn’t watch the movies right away as we felt it wasn’t quite age appropriate just yet but we did find some little clips on youtube that were safe enough to show them and they fell in love. Just this year we’ve started watching them a little bit and when Jason takes them on hiking adventures they spend their time using their vivid imaginations being Rey and Luke and fighting storm troopers (who they now understand as soldiers in the dark side’s army). It’s a lot of fun, this little tribe of mine.

So of course, with tomorrow being May 4th and deemed “Star Wars Day” I’ve been thinking of what we’re going to do! I pulled out their halloween costumes – I made these and they were SO simple, you could totally throw these together pretty quickly.

Rey’s costume could even be made without sewing anything. I did sew parts of mine but mostly just to secure it for trick-or-treating. All I did was take a pair of sheer curtains and attached it to an old white shirt. At the shoulders I gathered the fabric and attached it to a velcro strip, and put the other side of the velcro on the top of the shirt. Criss-cross the curtains in the front and leave one side hanging, the other side connected to the back like a loop. Use a brown belt to hold it to the body. I found a small brown purse at Value Village and secured it to the belt on the side as her little pack. I found a pair of khaki capris and did her hair in a series of small buns down the middle of her head! She LOVED it.

Eli’s costume was fairly easy as well – but I definitely had to sew a little more with this one. I used a karate/martial arts top I found at the thrift store for underneath which worked great. You could probably do the same and just throw a brown piece of fabric tied around their waist and call it a jedi costume, but if you want to do the robe too there are a ton of no-sew tunic/robes you could use! I loved this one here! I made Eli’s by basically tracing around him with him laying on the fabric and sewing it together, I didn’t really care too much about precision or perfection!

We were almost going with a Star Wars theme for their birthday party but they’ve since changed their mind and we’re going in a different direction. (sad face!! But our new idea is still super fun!) But I’d already pinned some ideas for the party so I may throw together some snacks tomorrow just for fun, like these pretzel stick light sabers. How fun are those?? Or maybe I could go the easy route and buy some cinnamon “Leia” buns!
And since we’re talking Star Wars, my biggest inspiration for the birthday party that won’t be happening this year was by my friend Marisol of We Bring The Funk Events in California. Her party was absolutely INCREDIBLE. I was in awe. This beautiful woman has an amazing heart and such fabulous talent – check out her party here! If I lived in Cali I’d be having her plan all my parties!!

I made a simple printable to put up just for fun for Star Wars Day – because, why not? It may end up in Eli’s monochrome black and white room afterwards, I think he’d love that! Follow the link to download and print yours!

Click this link or the photo above for your free printable! http://www.featherandfern.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/may-the-force-printable.jpg
Are you a Star Wars fan? Who is your favourite character, and are you doing anything for Star Wars Day? Share your ideas with me! 🙂

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