Ok you guys, let me start by saying I’m so NOT one of those people on facebook sharing and admonishing those who have already gone and tried the actual Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino for what’s in it. I’m actually someone who totally believes in everything in moderation. If I was drinking dairy at the moment and hadn’t JUST decided to limit my sugar intake (don’t talk to me about Easter though) then I would’ve been lining up with all of you. I have a mega-sweet-tooth so I actually think I’d enjoy the sweet and sour combo. But since my little man seems to still be having some digestive issues and I’m still his primary food source, I’m not eating dairy, PLUS I have a dance competition on Sunday and I just want to keep things as healthy as I can.

So, here’s what I made, and I will probably make it again for a fun treat for my kidlets when they get home from school! You could easily make this non-vegan if you can have dairy, just sub out for regular milk products.


1 frozen banana (I keep these always for smoothies, but a regular banana is fine too)
Handful of strawberries
1 TBS of Vega coconut-almond protein powder (optional)
Approx 3/4 of a cup of almond milk.
Small handful of blueberries
A tablespoon or two of beet juice to boost the colour! (I had some left over from Easter, again, totally optional! It will still be a pinky/purple when you’re done!)

Blue drizzle:
I wanted to make this super-natural, but ended up using blue food colouring. Only a few drops into some honey made it a lovely blue hue!

Coconut milk whipped cream
Sprinkles!! I used Dainty Sprinkle Co’s Mermaid Dreams because that’s what we had but I think their Unicorn Tears would be super fun for this one! Yes, these are sugar. But moderation, remember?


Blend smoothie ingredients together to preference.
Drizzle blue honey on edge of cup
Pour smoothie in!
Coconut Milk whipped cream on top, garnish with sprinkles or if you want the Starbucks sour effect, you could totally chop/smash up a sour candy of choice!
And of course use a fancy straw. Because you can’t use an ordinary straw for a unicorn drink!!

ENJOY! Isn’t it so pretty??!

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