Motivational Monday – I’m sure I didn’t just make that up but I kinda just spontaneously decided this day desperately needed some motivation.

What is up with Mondays? Especially Mondays with MORE rain, after a nice sunny Sunday that just gave us the tiniest taste of Spring.

Anyone else find this weather affecting their mood? I’m so blaaaah on days like today. And I find myself unmotivated to do anything, grumpier and more short-tempered, and praying for patience a whole lot more.

So how do you cope?
For me, happiness and peace comes from a cup of coffee and a moment of quiet. Those are hard to come by these days, but it’s important to find it now and then! If I can take a moment to open up my She Reads Truth app and do a quick devotional I find I feel more at peace in my day.

Sometimes I find that perusing Pinterest gives me the motivation to get up and get going on whatever I need to tackle that day – something about the perfect, shiny, organized spaces that kicks me into gear (however there are times this backfires and I find myself overwhelmed at how UN-“pinteresty” my house is! If that happens I just shut ‘er down and walk away!)

A short workout. Ok, I’ll admit this one is HARD when you’re already grumpy, tired, and just all around MONDAY. But, I will say if you can muster up enough energy to even do a 20-30 minute workout, you’ll at least feel like you accomplished a little bit of self-care during the day! And it’s surprising how a little bit of a workout actually results in some more energy!

Drink.More.Water. How much do I have to remind myself of this? I tend to gravitate towards coffee, but honestly I find my brain foggy and I’m tired and sluggish unless I am remembering to hydrate. Find what works for you, but I find I drink a lot more water out of a bottle that has a straw. Weird, right? But hey, it works!

Do a 10 minute tidy. Set the timer! If I can get started on this and tell myself “just 10 minutes” I usually end up on a roll, and start doing even more. And even if you only actually do the 10 minutes you’ll feel like you accomplished something in your day!

Focus on the good. This one was hard for me today! I kept thinking about how annoyed I was that I had to drive to get coffee creamer so I could have coffee, how much it’s been raining, and how tired I am today. But just taking a minute to reflect and realize that I have a beautiful home to have that coffee in, that rain is going to make those flowers and that greenery so much more beautiful, and later today I’m going to snuggle my kiddos and rest – all these things, plus a lovely visit from a friend, and kind words from strangers help lift my spirits.

Maybe these things are just petty little things, but I know I personally need a kick occasionally to get through these hard days. Even just writing this blog post was a method to bust out of these Monday-blues.

So now I’m going to go drink some more water, prep some dinner and this week’s lunches, and then call it a day. Tuesday is a new day.

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