Phew, ok Mamas, we are halfway there!

I definitely feel more mentally prepared for this than I expected. That week off due to snow that we had in February was BRUTAL, I think because we couldn’t go anywhere! So the trick this time was to plan something for each day. And really, they weren’t elaborate plans at all! In fact, according to my children, their highlight was on our quick trip across the border to pick up a package. And that was purely because I fed them ice cream for lunch. #momoftheyear. But hey, whatever gets us out the door!

The first week was dreary and rainy, so we filled it with playdates, van errands, and a trip to the movies. Our local theatre was showing Ballerina as a stars and strollers showing (aka babies welcome!) so we went to that together. It wasn’t Eli’s first choice but we won him over with popcorn and treats. He ended up liking it enough though, there was enough slapstick style comedy in the movie to entertain him as well. As far as a review goes – it was a cute movie. One I probably would’ve been happy to watch on Netflix but since the objective was to get out of the house – it was fine! We talked after the movie about how we need to work hard to achieve our dreams but that it’s possible, and that being kind is also really important – both subjects that were portrayed in the film. Of course Livvie loved the dancing aspect of the movie, she told me afterwards that she definitely wants to go back into ballet next year.

A note about movies and Spring Break – certain Cineplex theatres are showing some older kids movies THIS WEEK for only 2.99!! We were going to drive to Langley to watch Trolls until I realized I had misread the info and it was the wrong week. But – putting it out there for anyone else looking for things to do! They were playing Trolls, Secret Life of Pets, Storks, and Fantastic Beasts and where to Find Them. Check this list for participating theatres and be sure to actually read the week it’s running. haha!

Baby’s first movie!

On Friday we decided to hit up our local Home Depot – they are running kid’s workshops daily from 10am – noon at participating stores! We had to phone ahead to make sure there was room for us so I recommend doing that if you want to check it out! They loved this! The project was a little tricky, and being there on my own with them plus Silas I was a bit worried it was going to be too much of a handful but it proved to be ok. I let go of my perfectionism and let them just go to town, providing a little guidance and a helping hand to start part of each section. They had a blast using real tools to build their very own birdhouses. We chose to paint them at home (helloooo another project to keep them busy!) and they were so so proud of their work. They get to keep the aprons, and they get a pin that says “I did it!” Home Depot runs these workshops regularly so I know we will be back!

So, I was worried about him but he FELL ASLEEP. To the sound of approximately 20 hammers. 

So proud!

And while we didn’t do much to specifically celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we did wear green and this little leprechaun played peekaboo with his hat!

This week – more playdates with friends, hitting up HighStreet for some of their activities planned, Daddy’s birthday tomorrow, off to Aldergrove Lake Park on Thursday for a spring break event they have planned, and Dadventure Day on Friday because Jason’s off work!

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