Ok so here’s what I’ve been working on!
I’m so excited about these!
As most of you know, I worked as an Early Childhood Educator since 2004. I have always loved working with children, so this was a logical place for me to end up. (I was originally aiming to be an elementary school teacher but found out ECE didn’t ladder into that degree, and, well, life happened. Maybe someday I’ll go back.) I’ve learned through my years about various teaching philosophies, some of which are pretty mainstream now, but others a little bit less so. Montessori has become really popular and I really like some of the activities that are presented within that curriculum. And I am also drawn to the nature-based, organic feel to Waldorf philosophies, and the child-led philosophy of Reggio based learning.
Back when my twins were little I had so much fun creating “invitations to play” for them – essentially these are fairly open-ended activities set out for the child to engage in. People used to comment about these, asking “how do you find time to do this?” and honestly, I was in such survival mode with twins that preparing these activities for them would actually result in a few minutes to myself while they were playing – which was 100% worth the effort!! Hot coffee, anyone? Hello!

Anyways, fast forward to today. I have a little guy who I want to offer similar experiences to as he grows. And I have two 5 year olds that I would like to help guide through their learning experiences as well. I love being crafty, and would love to create a little business using my strengths and passions. And I’m human, I lean upon screens to entertain my kiddos just as much as the next person, but if I can find a few ways to turn their attention away from screens now and then, I’ll jump at that chance.

So some words of inspiration that were floating around my head as I was brainstorming?






So. Busy bags! I did NOT invent these, clearly. They are all over Pinterest. But how many of you pin things with every intention of actually executing that pin, but forget to do so? Or just don’t want to, despite how cute/awesome that pin is? I can pretty much say that’s a vast majority of my pins! These bags are for Mamas (and Daddies… Grammas… Grampas!) with littles that want options. When you’re waiting at a doctor’s office, when you’re nursing a younger sibling, when you’re waiting for food at a restaurant, when they need to play quietly while you are at church! So many times I wish I’d had something like this in my purse to pull out but instead I grabbed what I had on me – my phone! These bags fit easily into a diaper bag to come along for the ride.

I’m actually a little nervous presenting these, but also really excited. Trying to put all my self-doubt aside and do what I love. So here’s the “starting lineup” if you will of Feather+Fern busy bags!

Buckle Blankies – Because what toddler isn’t obsessed with clipping buckles?

Felt tree

Alphabet Clips

Shapes Memory Match

Color Match Pockets

Felt Button Chain

Kindergarten Sight Words Match Up

Felt Car Track

Some facts about these:
*I handmade the bags myself from 100% linen
*The colored popsicle sticks are dyed with food and spices myself
*The alphabet on the wood clips is wood-burned by yours truly.
*Some of the felt activities are made with 100% wool felt imported from the Netherlands to my favourite wool/yarn store in Abbotsford, Birkeland Bros. Wool
*The activities requiring more felt (because the 100% wool felt is quite expensive) is an eco-friendly felt created out of recycled plastic bottles.
*Because these are handmade by myself, I like to say they are “perfectly imperfect” and some details may vary from set to set
*I have way too many ideas for more of these, but these are the ones I’m starting with!

So, there it is! And here we are. On the edge of something brand new, a little scary, ready to jump in with everything I have!
Drop a comment, let me know what you think!

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  1. These are fantastic! I taught a DIY busy bag class and we didn’t create any of these! Well, sorta. We did a colour match and we did flower pedals instead of the tree leaves. The best part about these, besides entertained children ?, is quality. These aren’t going to get destroyed after one or two uses. ?

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