Ok so this weather has me dreaming of Spring! It feels so far away… but with Spring Break just around the corner despite our crazy weather, I thought I’d come up with a list of activities to refer to in case we get a little bit of cabin fever here. I’m hoping to plan some play dates and adventures while my kids are off, but hopefully some of these ideas help you too!

*Plan a scavenger hunt
*Check out your local rec centre – lots have a variety of extra activities!
*Science experiments – some of our favourites are baking soda and vinegar, white flowers and food coloring, and crystal making (post coming about that!)
*Visit a local historical site (if you get a Parks Canada Discovery Pass for FREE you can visit Fort Langley!) but there are others you can check out like the Kilby museum! And the Clayburn Village store. I’m not sure that one counts as an “offical” historical site the way Fort Langley is, but it has candy and has so much history to that building so it’s a win win!
*Visit some local walking trails. I’m REALLY hoping our weather during Spring Break is more like Spring than this Winter stuff we’ve been dealing with. Some of our favourite walking trails include the trails around Hayward Lake (there’s a parking lot right off Dewdney Trunk Road you can park and walk along the trail there!), Wilband Creek on Clayburn Rd in Abbotsford, Bateman Park on Bateman Rd in Abbotsford (really fun little creek there to explore!), Silverdale creek wetlands (see my post here for photos of this beautiful location!), Heritage Park in Mission and Aldergrove Lake Park to name a few.
While you’re out walking, you might as well download the geocaching.com app, create an account, and try your hand at geocaching! If you haven’t heard of this yet – it’s a massive treasure hunt, so much fun and super addicting! The kids love finding geocaches that have little treasures in them. Just remember to replace what you take with something else for the next person! They are pretty much everywhere, even just walking around your neighbourhood could lead you to find one! There are several at most of the walking trails mentioned above!
*Go to the Library
*Check out what’s going on at Highstreet Mall in Abbotsford – they have some fun activities planned that I think we want to check out! My kids would LOVE to make a Chia pet! 😉
*Build a fort in the living room. I need to loosen up about this I think. Sometimes I find myself trying to clean up the main floor all day when some of my favourite “at home” memories were building a fort in our living room with my sister. I think we should definitely attempt this during the break!
*Bake together. Liv is obsessed with cooking shows and loves to cook with me. Bonus – delicious goodies afterwards!
*Start a garden – doesn’t get much more “spring-like” than that! If it’s still frosty outside we’ll start some seedlings inside. I really want to attempt to grow some food this year. But, seeing as my favourite plant was $5 at MCC and only requires dusting now and then I’m not going to hold my breath on success in this area. But I’ll give it a try!
*Make some “just because” gifts for our loved ones. I’m pretty lucky both my big kids love doing crafts for the most part. I think they would enjoy creating gifts with specific people in mind. And really, Adventure Dad’s birthday is during Spring Break so I’m thinking we will be making something for him!

So that’s a start anyways. I’m hoping to limit how much tv time we have, but of course there will be some morning cartoons and movie days in there, because, let’s be real here, Mama needs a break too!

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