Day 4!
We survived an extra day without Daddy with only a few meltdowns. …Those may or may not have been Mama meltdowns…

Like I said yesterday, these guys are actually pretty good at playing on their own. And I make sure that a large portion of their day is self-directed free play because I really believe that it’s good for them – I shouldn’t have to entertain them constantly. That said, I really do like coming up with activities for them, and so do the littles. I know they will survive just fine without school but I figured they would normally have some sort of structured activities so I tried my hand at some homeschooling fun 🙂

Since we woke up to a literal deep freeze outside with a thick coating of ice over every surface outside, I thought we could bring the outside in:

Icicle Painting

So this one worked better in theory but the kids still had fun using icicles as their painting/drawing tool. This one is simple, I just collected icicles from outside in bowls and gave them a watercolor paint tray.
Eventually they discovered that they could get more vibrant colours just using their fingers. But it was a fun activity for a while!

Ice Science

I’m a huge fan of child led activities, using their interests and taking their lead when it comes to their play. I tell them they are learning when they play and explore, like little scientists! So naturally today they decided after I brought in a large chunk of ice from the railing that they wanted to do an experiment! They were playing with how fast the ice melts with different temperatures of water. I did nothing to guide this play besides break off pieces of ice and hand them over. Oh, and beg them to stop for a minute for a photo before they ran to the bathroom sink.

Sight Word Scavenger Hunt

Ok this baby I’m kinda proud of. I’ve been working on these sight word cards for them to play with and as another little creative product to offer later when I get all set up. They love learning to read and I know that sight words will help that progress. These cards can be used as a regular “Memory” type game, but today I decided to hide one set all around the house. Gave them 3 words each and they had to go find their matches somewhere in the house. It got them moving, recognizing words, and sounding out the ones they weren’t as familiar with.

So those were some of our activities today!
We’ve already been informed that we’re going to round off this week with ANOTHER snow/ice/weather day! I don’t think there will be much ice left for a repeat of our icy activities so we may be playing more sight word games tomorrow!

Are you back to school tomorrow? What are your favourite cold weather activities?

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    • It did! It was off and on at least a dozen times but never for more than a minute or two, which was more annoying than anything! The hydro site even said our power was out but it wasn’t, haha!

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