So. much. snow.

So yeah, we just got through 3 snow days off school. Last weekend I said “it’s so strange, we’ve had so much snow and not a single snow day!” … I guess they were saving up for this week. This is unheard of here! We rarely get a dusting of snow before it rains away, we don’t get these towers of snow that we have here! Now, let me just say how much I LOVE having my kids around. I really do. I don’t get sick of them, I do, however, get tired. Especially when Adventure Dad is on a work trip and this weather cancels his flight which means an extra day away. He’s my true partner, and really does carry a significant weight of the load that comes with caring for these three kids. And with the big two home all day every day this week I started to hear a lot of “I’m booooorredd!!”

Ok, that’s not totally true. They don’t say that often. Their boredom instead manifests in other ways, like jumping onto the couches, hanging upside down from chairs, asking for snacks every 3 minutes, and squabbling between themselves.

I used to be really good at coming up with activities for them, but one day they got a little bit older and could go find their own adventures with their imaginations. And suddenly I was off the hook! It was pretty glorious. Actually, it is still. They are really great at playing together about 75% of the time. But when you’re stuck at home surrounded by snow and no school or activities… well, that’s when Mama needs to step in.

So Monday I built them a hill in the backyard to slide down. This actually was a pretty physical endeavour (my back still hurts) but it paid off in several hours of productive outside playtime. I’ll call that one a win.

Tuesday was sunny so I made them go outside a lot, I “let them” make their sandwiches for lunch, and we ordered pizza delivery with GrammaB. Then we rented Trolls. Liv said it was “the best day ever”. Win.

Today… well, they didn’t want to go outside. They didn’t want to play upstairs. They just wanted to show me how bored they were (see above boredom description)… After approximately 15 granola bars, 10 yogurts, 5 bowls of cheerios and a hundred orange slices (ok maybe an exaggeration) I’d had enough and went looking for my art supplies.

Voila! I found my old stamp pads! Colorful stamp pads! I told them to make fingerprint stories, and showed them what I had in mind – just make a fingerprint and using markers or pens turn it into something like a bug, a flower, a shape, etc. It’s funny how they will take something and let their imaginations run wild if you let them! They didn’t do exactly how I would’ve – but why would I want them to do it my way when their way is so entertaining! Sometimes just introducing a new medium that isn’t normally available can result in a burst of imaginative play. Their pictures all had stories associated with them that were so detailed! I just love this stage they are in!

Eli’s robot!

Look how FOCUSED they are! They worked on these for at least an hour, probably closer to two!

This is a picture of myself and Adventure Dad as robots. Apparently I have red hair now! We are very “hapee” and my shirt says “flawrs” (flowers) and Daddy’s says “Rocin Rol” (Rock n’ Roll)

We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar because I found some of my ECE supplies and Eli decided that would be his next subject!

Livvie found my Very Hungry Caterpillar play box and decided to draw her own caterpillar. I laminated it for her (because laminators are AWESOME. #stationarynerd) and she was able to match the colors and amounts of fruit to her own caterpillar!

So a third successful snow day down. It’s currently freezing rain right now, occasionally snowing and this storm isn’t very nice, so we may be looking at a day 4 tomorrow. I think I’m going to hit up pinterest for some more activities just in case.

What are your go-to stay at home activities??


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