Ok so this has been all over my facebook with friends trying out different ways to enjoy the snow – not just by playing with it, but EATING it too. And why not? Every way we can get rid of this stuff is a step closer to spring, right? Anyways I thought I would share the simple way we made this. Literally just dumped in the can of sweetened condensed milk, threw some vanilla in to taste (around 1 tsp), and enough snow to create an ice cream consistency. Took us quite a bit but our snow is fluffy so it depends on your snow! And then sprinkles, OBVIOUSLY. If you search Google you will find all sorts of variations on this, I saw another post with a recipe using sugar, salt, and regular milk but I think this one works well because the sweetened condensed milk is thicker and sort of freezes as you add the snow. I think if this stuff sticks around I might try some other varieties! (There’s another snowfall warning for tonight apparently…) I think we will go all Canadian today and try just adding maple syrup to the snow tonight after dinner tonight! Let me know if you make this and what you find works well! How are you enjoying your snow??

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