Ok I realize I’ve been a bit serious with my posts lately! So to change it up, I’m sharing 11 guilty pleasures of mine and I’m curious what yours are! By guilty I mean the #sorrynotsorry kind of guilty. Ha! Why 11? Because I had 10 and thought of another one. Haha!

1. The Bachelor. I hang my head in shame a little for this one. I actually don’t watch this one often. Occasionally I’ll watch the Bachelorette. But I’m sucked in this season. For reals, Corinne has a NANNY? I know she basically describes a maid, which in an of itself is a foreign concept to me, but SHE SAID A NANNY?! Who cuts her vegetable slices for her and makes her “cheese pasta”… umm, is cheese pasta a classy way of saying Kraft Dinner? Because I’m pretty sure my 5 year olds would jump for joy if I served them KD and veggie slices. Oh Nick. Why is she still here? I’m glad there are a few more down-to-earth ladies there. And how sweet was he with Vanessa on the airplane?? I felt so bad for her. You’d never find me in that airplane. I don’t care who I’m with! You couldn’t pay me enough. But I digress…

(Doesn’t Corinne kinda remind you of her??) 

2. Online shopping. I’m becoming so lazy. But this has changed my world. With a little one the last thing I want to do is cart him into a store to find what I’m looking for. I bought about 80% of our Christmas presents online. I have yet to do the grocery shopping thing, but it’s a-comin’…

3. Stealing handfuls of chocolate chips from my pantry when my kids aren’t looking. Because Mama’s gotta survive the afternoon somehow.

4. Listening to the 90’s music playlist on Spotify and dancing around my house while I do chores. Like right now, Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It. Flashback to high school dances. Only I’m even less cool now. #keepinitreal

5. Buying myself flowers. Adventure Dad buys me some now and then and shows his love in many other ways but I don’t like to wait for him to buy me some. I get my own pretties for my house. No shame here.

6. On weekends, co-sleeping with the littlest for as long as I can while Adventure Dad gets up with the bigger two. Those extra minutes of sleep are priceless. I never used to think I’d be a co-sleeping mama. I’m not, generally. I like my space. Little man is still in our room but in his own bassinet. But sometimes I can get a little bit of extra sleep when there’s nowhere to be by snuggling him and nursing him in bed. And it’s a little piece of heaven! I cherish those moments.

7. Instagram stories. I love watching them. Making them. (not so much personally being IN them – I cringe at the sound of my own voice to be honest!) but definitely taking a glimpse into others’ lives. It’s like ACTUAL reality TV.

8. Hot bath with a good book or movie or show on my iPad. Ok, so this actually doesn’t happen often. But I love when it does. I’m putting it on my list so that I will do this soon. Because all mama’s need some relax time. Maybe I’ll steal some of my babe’s Bebe De Luxe for myself! 

9. Fresh McDonald’s french fries while my daughter’s at her dance class. WHY they moved the dance studio directly across the street from a McDonald’s I’ll never quite know but I know my scale isn’t going in the right direction when I cave to this one. I can’t help it though. Those salty fries with a coke – mmmm. I get rid of the evidence before she gets dismissed from class, so until Silas starts talking I’m in the clear.

10. Looking up houses on MLS just to see how other people decorate and arrange their spaces. Usually after I get frustrated at Pinterest searches and how unattainable some of those seem and I need a healthy dose of reality. Hahaha!

11. Snapchat filters. OK why can’t my makeup ever look as good as Snapchat makes it look? Also, there’s really not a lot cuter than a baby deer. Come on. 

I’m sure I have more I could come up with, but for now those are my 11! What are some of yours? Let me know in the comments!!

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  1. My guilty pleasures…

    1. spending hours and hours on instagram…not I am late to this whole instagram business…I think I really got into it because I was pregnant…and saw all these other pregnant mamas and new families…now I’m full on addicted….posting and scrolling

    2. watching lifestyle reality tv….think your Fixer Upper, your Jamie Olivers…Leah Ramini Vs Scientology lol that one is INSANE

    3. going to thrift stores…oh lawdy, have I become a thrifter…I have you to blame miss amandapanda…ever since you told me about Spruce Grove…it has awaken something…

    4. cuddling for way too long with my babe and always caving to his crying from the crib

    I’m sure there’s more…but those are some of mine 🙂

    • Oh YES to alllll of these. I haven’t seen Fixer Upper (but even I can’t believe that…) or the Leah Ramini one but wanted to! I love Love it or List it Vancouver a LOT though, and Liv loves cooking shows so we watch those. I like to think that my kitchen skills are improving because of it! LOL
      PS Let’s go thrifting together!!

      • Me too! about cooking shows and skills. I would love too!

        Oh! I remembered another guilty pleasure…my country music! I love cleaning to country music.

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