Can I just say how much I love this time of year? And with the blanket of snow we had recently I have been feeling particularly festive! (Why does it all have to melt away? It’s so pretty!) Like most families we have our share of traditions that surround the holidays but with my littles being so young still I feel like we’re still establishing traditions – and really it’s never too late to start new ones!

Every year we go to Bright Nights at Stanley Park to ride the train! We LOVE this one. We often go early in December to avoid the crowds and kick off Christmas. This year we went early to buy same day tickets and found parking (it’s FREE) and then walked over to the aquarium and spent a few hours there before our train. It was perfect. Well, as perfect as a freezing cold rainy day can be. But we snuggled and kept warm and enjoyed the lights. (The train is covered, and so is the line up while you wait for the train, just for those who have never been!) For pretty much the first time EVER I didn’t take many photos. I took a few selfies on the train and posted some insta-stories (are you following me??) but I left the big camera at home and enjoyed our time together in the moment. Not gonna lie, it felt weird. #photographerproblems haha!

Another tradition we’ve started since moving into our own house is cutting down our Christmas tree! We’ve always lived in a condo or place where we weren’t allowed a real, live Christmas tree so this was a huge novelty experience we started last year. This year, we decide to try out Firwood Tree Farm in Mission and it did not disappoint!! The prices were fair, the people were SO friendly, and the trees were beautiful. We found a perfectly imperfect super-tall tree. (We had to cut the top to fit in our living room with 9′ ceilings! haha) After about a hundred years a month or so of solid rain we had a beautiful, sunshine-y day to pick out our tree. Which was a nice change from last year where we froze in the pouring rain. (Family memories, people!)

More traditions to come soon – just wanted to share some pictures of our tree adventures with you! What are YOUR favourite Christmas traditions?

*** Disclaimer: The Hubby had been participating Movember and was “growing back the beard” when these pics were taken. EVERY YEAR I forget to get family photos BEFORE November hits for this reason!***

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