So yes… it’s December 3rd and this just made it up on the wall now. I’d had the idea for weeks now but sometimes my ideas don’t even come to fruition at ALL so the 3rd isn’t all THAT bad, right? I’m gonna go ahead and play the “I still have an infant” card as well, because I can.

This year I decided to forgo the flat plastic chocolate-filled advent calendars in favour of something a little more meaningful. So much of the true meaning of Christmas gets quickly and easily lost in the “more-more-more” of the holiday. And don’t get me wrong, I love me a good treat and presents (gift-giving love language anyone???) but I really want to emphasize to my kids the WHY. For us in our family, Jesus is the reason for the season and He is worth celebrating! So that means birthday cake for breakfast on Christmas morning and this year it means an advent calendar that contains clues from the Truth In The Tinsel curriculum (more on that in another post, but we are LOVING it around here!), a chocolate for each of them (because I wasn’t going to get away with skipping that part!), and occasionally an idea for an activity or random act of kindness to do together.


These are all printed on the small letter envelopes from the dollar store (No. 8 size they say on the box?) and hung sideways. I literally only went with this configuration on my wall because these were the sizes of wooden dowels I had on hand. You can get creative and hang them however you want!


I wanted a way to see which day we were at, so I clipped a couple little branches off a garland decoration we had and turned it into a miniature wreath that can be placed on the peg we’re at for the day.


So if you’re feeling behind like I have been, or just haven’t gotten a chance to create an advent calendar yet, I wanted to share these files with you so you can create your own! They are formatted for a no. 8 envelope, which says it’s 9.2cm x 16.5cm – I printed using the “Envelope – Monarch” size on my printer but it may print differently on yours. You also don’t even have to print these on an envelope! I’d love to see what you create, tag me on instagram (@amandagregor) and show me whatcha make!


*** pssst – the Truth in the Tinsel link is an affiliate link. I just thought you should know. I get a little something for using the link, but I would’ve mentioned it anyways! It’s been a great addition to our days so far. Like I said, more on that to come! ***

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