So when I had the twins I had grand plans and pinterest ideas of what I wanted to do in their nursery. We lived in a condo and our second bedroom had always been an office/storage and never, not once, decorated nicely. I was SUPER excited to get crafty and decorate! Except… I was pregnant with twins. So it definitely didn’t happen before they were born. And then once they were here, life was just a little too busy to really do much. I did the odd little decoration here and there but not really what was in my head.

Fast forward to Baby #3. Just ONE baby. With his very own room to decorate! A small room, but his own. We got it mostly finished before he arrived. But I didn’t take pictures until recently… oops! Anyways better late than never, right? I thought I’d share! I wanted to go really neutral/natural vibe with his room, but I couldn’t resist a touch of colour on the walls. I used Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue, which in some light looks green, sometimes blue, and other times a blue-ish light grey. It was a perfect “neutral” colour!

I finally got to style shelves! These Ikea shelves were perfect for above our dresser/change table. Many of these items were thrifted (love me a good thrift!!), bought second hand, or passed down from the older siblings. A few new items helped personalize his space. I love the Sprig West “Be Brave” sign with the bear. We’ve been calling him our Little Bear since before he was born, so it just fit. And that wooden S on the top was hidden until he was born as well to keep his name at least a LITTLE bit of a surprise! (despite Liv basically telling everyone she met!)


I just had to display these little green Hunter boots until he’s big enough to wear them. I scored them off bidding wars and dream of puddle jumping and adventures in the forest with my little woodsman!


The curtains… So there are these curtains available at Urban Outfitters and I fell in love after seeing them on another nursery blog post. I don’t know why but I’m a sucker for pom-poms right now. SO cute. But unfortunately it just wasn’t in the budget to spend so much per panel. I found a pair of curtains for $25 at Homesense and bought some pom-pom edging from my favourite local fabric store and voila! Pom-pom goodness at a fraction of the cost!


Proof it took a while to take these pictures… oops! LOL


Our cozy corner for snuggling in. I wanted a rocking chair (yep this one rocks) that was big enough to hold baby in and also have at least one of my bigger littles climb up with us as well. It’s so comfy.


Love this simple wood crib, also from Ikea. For the art above his bed I just used these metal bulldog clips from Staples and attached them to the wall. The poster I just made on my computer and printed as an engineering print (which is only black and white but WAY cheaper than the poster option!) at the Staples print shop! It cost less than $3 to print! And with the clips I can change it up whenever I feel like it!


So this area isn’t as organized as it should be, but I loved the idea of putting this Ikea expedit/kallax shelf INSIDE the closet. We’ll likely store his toys in here when he gets a bit bigger – he has the smallest room of the 3 so we had to find some space saving ideas. We have 4 bedrooms upstairs – one of which used to be the playroom – so now they will all have to play in their rooms and anything that will encourage toys to actually STAY in their rooms is good for me!


I’ve since changed out one of the frames on the shelf in the previous photos with this print I made. I used the ultrasound sound-wave from Silas’ heartbeat and turned it into art. I’m thinking of offering these customized prints in my shop if there’s enough interest as it was SO much fun to make! I was so glad to have something like this. I felt a little guilty that I didn’t get a footprint from when he was first born as I did with the twins, so this is something equally treasured that I don’t have with the twins. Fairness, and all that.

OK so here’s the #truthbomb. I have this lovely nursery but I’m just not ready to use it yet. I’m pretty sure Silas is our last (though he makes that decision so hard because he’s just such a great little baby, I feel like I could totally do this again… haha!) so I’m holding onto these baby moments a little longer. And I’m happy with him in my room. It makes night feeds so much easier, and I don’t have to go too far when he spits out his soother and fusses, wanting it back. This bassinet (which, incidentally, I totally won on bidding wars in the middle of a contraction while in labour! #beastmode) is a little bigger than the moses basket we were using originally so it can hold him for a while longer, until he’s a little more mobile. It’s just so hard to let go of these sweet moments. I’m so excited for the days/months/years to come but I am finding myself wanting to savour the sweetness just a little longer this time. It’s going so fast though.


Wall hang by Posie & Pine – love love love it in this space!


He just melts me.


So there you have it – a nursery, not yet in use, but ready for the memories to come.

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  1. awww Amanda, this makes me want to have another baby! and now I have to find Lochlan’s heart beat so that I can also have one of those.

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