I’ve been working on just the right words to write for my next blog post. Write, and delete.. write… and delete.
Do I skip over the terrible week and just talk about my life? The silly things? The funny stuff that’s happened? Or post about our recent trip to Ontario?

All those will come but none of it seems important right now. This week has been so heavy for so many people in our community. A random attack in a local high school that stole one beautiful teenage girl from this world and left another fighting for her life. A friend’s little baby only a month younger than Silas gone far, far too soon. A mama grieving her now empty womb. A wife suddenly without a husband. So much loss this week and it’s been so heavy on my heart. So heavy.

I think times like these can be unexpectedly beautiful though. It brings about a certain perspective that we so often take for granted. The minutes that we have with our loved ones suddenly become more precious. The hugs and kisses and cuddles from our littles get savoured a little longer. I pray more. We recognize the heroes, the supporters, the friends. Joy in the sadness. Knowing that nothing is too big for God and that Jesus conquered death, and that we can give our grief and heavy burdens to Him is comforting in a world that so often is chaotic and just outright scary.

A friend of mine posted this song on facebook as she wrestled through these same feelings and it resonated with me as well. “Earth has no sorrow that heaven can’t heal” So much truth in these words.

This week, hug your littles a little harder. Tell someone how much you love them. Spread kindness and take a chance today. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

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