So I realize Thanksgiving has come and gone now here in Canada but I really wanted to spend some more time giving thanks. Since we did our turkey dinner at Jason’s sister’s house on Sunday night we had all day Monday to be together and a blog post didn’t happen like I had hoped. I did, however, get to spend precious time with the ones I love the most. The sun came out and we spent time together in this beautiful country, surrounded by forest and mountains, a cool autumn breeze and the sounds of the lake. Waves of gratitude came over me in these moments. Sure, there were a few moments of frazzled frustration – what day with two 5 year olds and a newborn doesn’t have those moments though? But really, in these moments (or maybe just after them) I do try to remember that this is it. These are the moments God has given me. He’s allowing me to raise up these littles, and I’m humbled. This lake, these mountains, the trees turning shades of amber and gold, all created by Him and I am humbled. And filled with gratitude.

I feel like we need more than one Thanksgiving per year. I know I need to remember to rest in these moments more often. These perfectly imperfect moments where I’m overwhelmed with gratitude at this life I’ve been given and the people around me. To be present and still in them.


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