Welcome to my new blog! I’ve been blogging a little more frequently on my Amanda Gregor Photography page and I still plan to, but I have been dreaming up ideas that don’t always fit under the “photography” umbrella and I needed a place to just write my mama thoughts down. Somewhere a little more personal. I want to share my crafty creations (and maybe even sell some extras if there is interest!), maybe some tutorials, my journey in minimalism (*hint – not even close to the destination!), share recipes that are hits with the family, and document our funny little moments as we as a family adventure together.

So why the name Feather+Fern?

I came up with it based on the nicknames of my Littles. Liv’s name has been Birdie since the day she was born – hence “Feather”. Eli was “Bud” and Silas “Little Bear” – but Silas also means “of the woods” – and up here on the West Coast if you venture into the forest at all the ground often is blanketed in large, wonderful ferns. Both my boys’ names remind me of nature, of walking in the forest – which, incidentally is one of their most favourite things to do, ever. (Well, maybe not Silas yet… but I’m sure he’ll be chasing his big brother and sister on the trails in no time!)

So, here I am on the edge of something new. I hope you’ll join me in this adventure!


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